About the Book

There is nothing as important in life as coming to the truth about life. Most people are constantly searching for the truth. However, only those who seriously seek it will find it. Author Alan P. Gill aids us in this quest for truth as he reveals WHAT IS LIFE ALL ABOUT?

Throughout history, “lobbyists” for religion, science, politics and just about any of various self-interest groups have caused great confusion and discouragement for those seeking the truth about life. Religions have done a good job of indoctrination, frequently getting their adherents to believe it is even wrong to have doubts, to search, to test their beliefs. Regardless of your religious (nonreligious) affiliation, you need to understand what you believe.

This book is for every person who hungers and thirsts after the truth about life. Gain profound insights on topics regarding God, the Bible, faith, truth, religion, and our personal mental games to satisfy or justify ourselves religiously. Learn the truth about the mess called religion, the long history of fabrication involving most religions and assess the validity of their doctrines! Find the answers to your questions and be guided to a better understanding of God as He has revealed Himself.

Take a good long look at what life is all about. Life’s purpose is, by design, different than what we have observed, but only those who have a sincere love of the truth can overcome the obstacles and finish the race as a winner. Once you find the truth, you must be willing to act on it and then continue living it. You can do some wonderful things and make the correct decisions in life by simply knowing, “what life is really all about.”